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This page currently only covers how to create your own personal page on this wiki. This page will help you by demonstrating the establishment of the page for Mister Sandbox, the Representative for Sandy City. Any questions about this process, please consult Layna or one of the other wiki admins.

Creating Your Page

To start a new page for your character, copy and paste into your browser bar and add the name of your character to the end, using underscores ( _ ) for spaces. For example, Mister Sandbox would be Assuming the page for your character has not been made yet, you'll be asked to create one for the wiki. You'll have to register an account to do that.

Setting Up Your Page

Your page should start with using the Infobox for your character. That page will describe how to use it more fully. Simply add in as much information as is relevant for your character, and the system will automatically ignore any item that you don't include. From there, include a short biography at the start of the page, then build out the page with chapters, like Early Education, Before Politics, Political Career, Electoral History, Political Stances, and External History. Make sure to write in the third person and keep your pages as objective as possible. Good examples from previous players include: Akeem Mellis, Andrew Brockmeier, and Frankie Bernstein. Or, for an example from this wiki, you can look at the page for Mister Sandbox.

Page Categories

Remember to add page categories that are relevant for your page at the bottom. This helps us keep track of pages as they're generated. Check out the page for Mister Sandbox to see what kind of categories you could add to your page. To add them, simply add the information like so: [[Category:Biographies|Sandbox, Mister]] The first half of the link says which category the page belongs to. The second half tells the wiki to list the page under S, for Sandbox, instead of under M, for Mister.

Other Tips

Wikipedia is great for the smooth, in-text editing you can do. For example:

  • Typing [[Mister Sandbox]] becomes Mister Sandbox.
  • Typing [ USG Home Page] becomes USG Home Page.
  • Typing ''Italics'' becomes Italics.
  • Typing '''Bolded''' becomes Bolded.
  • Typing _Underlined_ becomes _Underlined_.

And so on and so forth. There's much more to this than can be listed here. Just search the web for more tips on how to use MediaWiki to the fullest. Happy editing!